Geza Schön and the Art of Perfumery: Breaking Traditions, Creating Legacies

Geza Schön

One name stands out in the captivating world of fragrances for its avant-garde approach and innovative creations – Geza Schön. A German perfumer extraordinaire, Geza is the creative mind behind the phenomenon of Escentric Molecules.

A Journey into Fragrance:

Geza’s journey into perfumery began in the picturesque town of Kassel, Germany. Having an artistic family while growing up – thanks to his art teacher father and kindergarten teacher mother – Geza’s curiosity for scents was sparked during his chemistry studies at the University of Heidelberg.

Post-graduation, Geza embarked on formal perfumery training at Haarmann & Riemer (now Symrise), where he honed the delicate art and science of fragrance creation.

Escentric Molecules’ Origin Story:

In 2006, Geza Schön launched Escentric Molecules, a brand that revolutionized the fragrance industry with its unconventional philosophy. Unlike traditional perfumery, Escentric Molecules spotlight single aroma molecules, allowing their unique character to shine independently.

The Notable Portfolio:

Escentric Molecules quickly became a sensation with the release of fragrances like 01, followed by 02, 03, 04, and the latest addition, Escentric Molecules 05, in 2020. Geza’s portfolio extends beyond his brand, with collaborations including Diesel, Ormonde Jayne, FCUK, Boudicca, and Anat Fritz.

Awards and Recognition:

Geza’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of perfumery has not gone unnoticed. He’s received accolades such as the Outstanding Artist Award for Interdisciplinarity in 2016 and the Sadakichi Award for Experimental Work with Scent in 2017, alongside Wolfgang Georgsdorf for “Osmodrama / Smeller 2.0.”

The Maverick Perfumer:

Geza’s unique approach to perfumery goes beyond his brand. His disdain for most new “niche” perfumes has made him an iconoclast in the perfume world. A passionate advocate for natural ingredients and an admirer of ’80s and ’90s perfumery, Geza infuses his creations with a nostalgic charm that sets them apart.

Personal Touch to Perfumery:

Geza’s fragrances reflect not only his technical expertise but also his personal touch. His creations are an ode to the art of chemistry, blending scientific precision with artistic expression. Each bottle tells a story, inviting wearers to go on a sensory adventure beyond customary fragrance experiences.

Molecule 01: The Subtle Masterpiece:

Molecule 01, a fragrance born out of Geza’s desire to showcase the distinctive qualities of Iso E Super, has become iconic. Its subtle, “skin-like” scent effortlessly melds with the wearer’s natural aroma, creating a unique and personal olfactory experience. Some claim it’s so subtle that they can’t detect it on themselves, while others around them certainly can.


Who is Geza Schön?

Geza Schön is a renowned German perfumer known for his avant-garde approach to fragrance creation. Born in Kassel, Germany, Geza gained prominence as the founder of Escentric Molecules, a brand celebrated for its unique philosophy in the perfume industry.

What are Escentric Molecules?

Escentric Molecules is a perfume house founded by Geza Schön in 2006. It gained widespread recognition for its unconventional approach, focusing on single aroma molecules rather than traditional blends. The brand has introduced fragrances like 01, 02, 03, 04, and 05, each showcasing the individuality of specific scent molecules.

What sets Geza Schön’s approach apart in the perfume industry?

Geza Schön’s approach to perfumery is distinguished by his willingness to work with cutting-edge synthetic ingredients and challenge traditional norms. His fragrances for Escentric Molecules and collaborations with other brands reflect a blend of scientific precision and artistic expression.

Can you tell us about Geza Schön’s background and training?

Geza Schön studied chemistry at the University of Heidelberg, where his interest in perfumery was sparked. He later underwent formal perfumery training at Haarmann & Riemer (now Symrise), refining his skills in creating fragrances.

What awards has Geza Schön received for his work?

Geza Schön has received several awards for his exceptional contributions to the perfume industry. Notably, in 2016, he was honoured with the Outstanding Artist Award for Interdisciplinarity, and in 2017, he received the Sadakichi Award for Experimental Work with Scent for “Osmodrama / Smeller 2.0.”

What is Molecule 01, and why is it popular?

Molecule 01 is a fragrance created by Geza Schön, highlighting the unique qualities of Iso E Super. Its popularity lies in its subtle, “skin-like” scent that blends seamlessly with the wearer’s natural aroma. Some people may not detect it in themselves, but others around them often can.

Apart from Escentric Molecules, what other collaborations has Geza Schön been involved in?

Geza Schön has collaborated with various brands and artists, including Diesel, Ormonde Jayne, FCUK, Boudicca, and Anat Fritz. His diverse collaborations showcase his versatility in creating unique and captivating fragrances.

How would you describe Geza Schön’s impact on the perfume industry? 

Geza Schön’s effect on the perfume industry is characterized by his unorthodox approach, challenging norms and creating fragrances that stand out from the mainstream. His passion for natural ingredients, admiration for ’80s and ’90s perfumery, and disdain for generic “niche” perfumes have solidified his reputation as a maverick in the perfume world.

Where are Escentric Molecules based?

Escentric Molecules originated in Germany and is a prominent player in the global perfume industry. The brand’s unique fragrances and Geza Schön’s innovative approach have garnered international acclaim.

How can I experience Geza Schön’s fragrances?

Geza Schön’s fragrances, including those from Escentric Molecules, are available through various retailers and online platforms. Additionally, select fragrance boutiques may offer samples for you to explore the unique scents crafted by this trailblazing perfumer.

Geza Schön stands as a maverick in a world saturated with fragrances, challenging norms and crafting revolutionary scents. His passion for natural ingredients, love for the fragrances of the ’80s and ’90s, and disdain for the generic “niche” perfumes make him a true icon in the perfume world.

Discover the magic of scent through the eyes – or rather, the nose – of Geza Schön and Escentric Molecules, where chemistry meets artistry in every exquisite bottle. Stay tuned for more olfactory adventures that redefine the way we experience fragrance.