Lee Know: The Multifaceted Star of Stray Kids

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Lee Know, born Lee Min-ho on October 25, 1998, in Gimpo, South Korea, is a shining star in the K-pop group Stray Kids. As a lead dancer, vocalist, and rapper, Lee Know has captivated fans worldwide with his versatility and charisma. This blog post explores Lee Know’s journey from his early beginnings to becoming a key figure in Stray Kids and his influence both within and outside the K-pop industry.

Early Life and Background

Before the lights and cameras, Lee Know was just a passionate young dancer. His initial foray into the entertainment industry was not through singing but dance. He notably worked as a backup dancer for BTS during their “Not Today” performance, which speaks volumes about his talent and the respect he commands in the dance community.

Career Highlights with Stray Kids

Stray Kids, formed by JYP Entertainment, officially debuted in March 2018, and Lee Know was among the standout members right from the start. Not only does he contribute significantly to the group’s dynamic performances, but he also takes part in creating intricate choreographies that Stray Kids is renowned for.

Pivotal Moments and Contributions

Lee Know’s ability to express complex emotions through his performances makes him a pivotal member of Stray Kids. Tracks like “God’s Menu” and “Back Door” showcase his intense performance skills and have helped propel Stray Kids to international fame. His contribution to the group’s distinct sound and style is undeniable.

Impact and Influence

Cultural Impact

Lee Know’s influence extends beyond music and dance. He has become a fashion icon, often seen sporting trends that soon become sought after by fans. His easy-going personality and resilience have made him a role model for many young fans across the globe.

Fandom and Online Presence

With a strong online presence, He interacts frequently with fans through V LIVE and Instagram, sharing snippets of his life and thoughts. This direct interaction has helped solidify a strong, loyal fan base eager to support his and Stray Kids’ endeavors.

Personal Life and Interests

Off stage, He is known for his love of animals, particularly his cat, Soonie. This softer side endears him further to fans, who appreciate his multifaceted personality that spans intense performances and tender moments at home.

FAQs: Lee Know

Q1: Who is Lee Know?

A1: Lee Know, whose real name is Lee Min-ho, is a South Korean singer, dancer, and rapper. He is a member of the popular K-pop group Stray Kids, which is managed by JYP Entertainment.

Q2: When was he born?

A2: He was born on October 25, 1998.

Q3: What roles does Lee Know have in Stray Kids?

A3: Within Stray Kids, He serves as a lead dancer, vocalist, and rapper. He is also known for his contributions to the group’s choreography.

Q4: What is Lee Know known for in Stray Kids?

A4: He is renowned for his exceptional dancing skills, charismatic stage presence, and versatility in performances. He often takes part in creating dance routines for the group and has a significant impact on their visual and performance styles.

Q5: Has he participated in any solo projects?

A5: As of now, He has mainly focused on group activities with Stray Kids. However, like many K-pop idols, he participates in various other activities such as variety shows, photoshoots, and individual promotional activities.

Q6: How did he start his career?

A6: He started his career as a backup dancer before joining Stray Kids. Notably, he was a backup dancer for BTS during their “Not Today” performance, which showcased his dancing prowess.

Q7: Where can fans follow him and his activities?

A7: Fans can follow him through Stray Kids’ official social media channels, such as their YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Lee Know also interacts with fans on platforms like V LIVE.

Q8: What are some must-watch performances of Lee Know?

A8: Some of Lee Know’s must-watch performances include Stray Kids’ “God’s Menu,” “Back Door,” and his dance routines in “Miroh.” Each performance highlights his skills as a dancer and performer.

Q9: What personal hobbies does Lee Know have?

A9: He is an avid animal lover, especially fond of cats. He often shares moments with his pet cat, Soonie, and expresses interest in animal welfare.

Q10: What makes Lee Know a unique member of Stray Kids?

A10: Lee Know’s unique blend of sharp dance skills, strong vocals, and engaging personality makes him a standout member of Stray Kids. His ability to connect with fans through his performances and down-to-earth nature offstage adds to his appeal.


His journey in K-pop is a testament to his hard work, versatility, and the deep connection he fosters with fans. As he continues to grow with Stray Kids, the industry watches eagerly to see how he will innovate and inspire next.

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