PK Ripper: Unveiling the Legacy of BMX Excellence

PK Ripper

In the thrilling world of BMX biking, few names resonate as powerfully as the PK Ripper. Pioneering the BMX scene since 1979, It has become synonymous with innovation, speed, and durability. Let’s dive into the essence of this iconic bike and discover why it stands tall among its competitors.

What Makes PK Ripper Special?

At the heart of every PK Ripper lies an ultra-stiff 6066 aluminum frame, a hallmark of BMX innovations. This lightweight yet robust frame boasts a tapered head tube, PF30 bottom bracket, and 20mm dropouts at the front and rear.

This construction ensures unparalleled agility and strength, making it a top choice for BMX enthusiasts and professionals.

The Evolution of PK Ripper

Initially introduced in 1979, the PK Ripper marked a revolution in BMX design. Its aluminum frame was a game-changer, offering reliability, durability, and competitive pricing.

Fast forward to today, and the PK Ripper continues to dominate the BMX scene, with its modern counterparts still utilizing the lightweight aluminum construction that made it famous.

PK Ripper: Not Just a Bike, but a Legacy

SE Racing, the company behind PK Ripper, has kept the legacy alive. Founded by Scot Breithaupt in 1977, SE Racing produced a bike and a phenomenon.

The PK Ripper and its sibling models like the Fat Ripper have become a testament to enduring quality and design excellence in the BMX world. Even after 45 years, the PK Ripper remains an emblem of SE Racing’s commitment to excellence.

Unraveling the Specifications

The PK Ripper Super Elite XL, for instance, boasts a 20.5″ top tube, 14.3″ chainstay length, and a 37″ wheelbase. These dimensions ensure superior control and maneuverability, essential for BMX enthusiasts pushing the boundaries of their sport. Its 11.5″ bottom bracket height and 22.3″ standover height guarantee a comfortable and balanced riding experience, enhancing both performance and safety.

Why Choose PK Ripper?

Choosing a BMX bike isn’t just about the specifications; it’s about the legacy, the innovation, and the thrill of the ride. The PK Ripper encapsulates all of this and more. Whether you’re an amateur rider exploring the world of BMX or a seasoned professional seeking the best, the PK Ripper’s legacy of excellence ensures that you’re not just riding a bike; you’re riding history.


This is a testament to enduring quality, innovation, and the spirit of adventure in the ever-evolving landscape of BMX biking. As you gear up for your next thrilling ride, consider the PK Ripper as a bike and a gateway to a world where history and modernity seamlessly converge. Experience the thrill, embrace the legacy, and let redefine your BMX journey.

Remember, the adventure begins where the wheels touch the ground. Embrace it with the PK Ripper – your ultimate companion in the exhilarating realm of BMX biking.


Q1: What makes unique in BMX bikes?

A1: This is renowned for its ultra-stiff 6066 aluminum frame, tapered head tube, PF30 bottom bracket, and 20mm dropouts front and rear. These features provide exceptional agility and durability, setting it apart in the BMX world.

Q2: Who owns this brand?

A2: This brand is owned by SE Racing, a BMX bicycle company founded in 1977 by Scot Breithaupt. SE Racing is the manufacturer of the iconic PK Ripper BMX bike.

Q3: When was the first introduced?

A3: The first-ever It was introduced in 1979. Over 40 years later, it symbolizes enduring quality and innovation in the BMX industry.

Q4: What are the key features of the PK Ripper Super Elite XL?

A4: Super Elite XL features a 20.5″ top tube, 14.3″ chainstay length, 37″ wheelbase, 11.5″ bottom bracket height, and 22.3″ standover height. It also has a tapered head tube, PF30 bottom bracket, and 20mm dropouts front and rear.

Q5: Is the PK Ripper suitable for beginners and experienced BMX riders?

A5: Yes, It is designed to cater to a wide range of riders, from beginners exploring the world of BMX to experienced professionals seeking top-notch performance. Its versatile design makes it suitable for riders of various skill levels.

Q6: What is the weight of the PK Ripper Fat Ripper 26″?

A6: It Fat Ripper 26″ weighs approximately 35.7 pounds, ensuring a balance of durability and maneuverability for riders.

Q7: Does this come with any accessories?

A7: Yes, That models often come with accessories such as padsets, alloy valve caps, and chain tensioners. These additions enhance the bike’s functionality and aesthetics.

Note: Due to the ever-changing nature of product specifications, please refer to the latest updates from SE Bikes for the most accurate and current information on PK Ripper models.